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What's a Joombug!?

These are Joombugs!

Well it's not a bug named Joomla!. And it's not a bug in Joomla!. Joombugs! are extremely cool, touchy-feely little graphical odds and ends and pieces and parts and icons and mods that make your Joomla! installation worth looking at.

The new Joombugs site is in the works and soon you will be able to grab as many bugs as you need. So check back soon or sign up and we'll shoot you a mail letting you know when you can grab your own Joombugs. Meanwhile excuse the dust, it's going to be a little messy around here for a few days. Currently you cannot make any purchases - so don't rage on the purchase buttons. They are just for show for a few days. If you are desperate- contact us.

You see, styling the new web is not about designing your site, its about embellishing your content. Joombugs! are the perfect compliment to the new open, clean styles. You can pick up a few Bugs - or grab a whole package. With the ease of image handling in Joomla! you can pop Bugs into your content, sidebars, header, modules, shopping cart; anywhere and everywhere. And we can personalize your Joombugs! for you. And remember, you can use Joombugs! in any installation and on any site. All are delivered hot and fresh to your door in high rez, transparent .png formats for easy use anywhere, even in your Retina display designs.

That's a whole new world - one you can build yourself., with a little help from us. Of course you could right click and steal them - but we are such nice, cool and wonderful people here that it would probably totally kill your Karma points if you did. Besides that - Joombugs are CHEAP and so easy to buy we let you pay with Paypal or magic beans.


Three JoomBugs


So see us if you want Joomla! or have Joomla! - and we will help you decorate your new digs.


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