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Yay! New Stuff

New sets of Joomla! Icons have been developed fresh for delivery to you. These Joomla Icons are smooth little buttons designed to replace the standard Joomla! image icons throughout your site. All of our Icons are transparent .png's to allow for a smooth overlay on any template you are currently using - even if it's not Joomla!

Easy to install, full directions come with each package of Joombugs! No matter what your project calls for, using Joomla! as a development base allows for styling options to create any look you wish, using a bit of imagination, a workable template design and a few Joombugs!


Joombugs! QR

QR Scan to save Contact Info.

If you don't know what this is, 
go to your phone app store
and pick up a free QR Scanner.

If you want one - styled to your 
personal design - hit us up.